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Round wooden chess set with drawers – £48.99


Hi All,

We’ve been very busy little beavers this week. We’ve been working hard to expand the range and source some new products, and we think it’s fair to say we’ve outdone ourselves.

We have added over 3,000 lovely new products to the site!

The products are from all sorts of different categories; aromatherapy, art, woodware, candles… You name it. We’ve also added a couple of hundred new product sub categories to help organize out fantastic new stock.

We’re not really sure where to start with it all really, so your best bet is to go to the site, go to “Shop” and just have a browse through the top level category list on the left hand side and see where your mood takes you.


– SG

Featured Product; Amethyst Rider Fairy Figurine

Take a look at our latest featured product. A particularly lovely figurine from our Fairy and Unicorn range, the Amethyst Rider;

Standing 21cm tall, this gorgeous figurine has a number of potential applications and would look great in a number of rooms in the home.

Our Fairies and Unicorns collection takes inspiration from folklore and fauna, and offers some very lovely pieces. Each figurine is hand painted, meaning no two pieces will be exactly the same.

This stunning figurine is in stock and is ready to order right now for just £21.99, delivered to your door. Free delivery on everything.

In addition to the fairy figurines, we offer some other great products, including the fairy wish jars, clocks, bracelets and more.

It’s Clock Week… Novelty Clocks and More

We’re celebrating clocks this week at Sweet Giftware. From novelty to retro to contemporary, we have the wall or desktop clock you’re looking for.

Worth of a mention first are our range of “melting” desk clocks, inspired by revolutionary Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí, in his work ‘The Persistence of Memory.’ We have on offer several of these clocks, some of which are our best sellers. Particularly impressive and noteworthy is the silver-framed Wall Clock, complete with exposed cogs effect. This unusual piece looks at home in any room, especially the home office (or “office” office) and games rooms, a.k.a. man caves. Priced at £16.99, with free UK delivery.

Dali-inspired melting wall clock
Next up we have a couple of Beatles-inspired clocks for music fans; the Beatles drum clock and the Yellow Submarine clock. These are new to our range, but are already proving to be popular. Both are priced at £13.99. Each comes in a display box, making them excellent gifts for fans of The Beatles.

We also have an extensive range of fantasy/ gothic clocks, such as the howling wolf, the stunning Dark Fairy Bubbles, and clocks featuring witches, black cats and owls, to name but a few. Of worthy of a special mention is the wonderfully intricate ‘Tree of Life’ Astrology Clock. This is a particularly beautiful piece, made from resin. This makes a particularly thoughtful and oft-appreciated gift.

Gothic Astrology Clock

New to our site is the Candy Skull collection, which features skull themed gifts finished in psychedelic colours. In addition to the other Candy Skull gifts, we have 3 clocks available, including this very unique ‘Day of the Dead’ clock, priced at £11.99, including delivery.

Day of the Dead Candy Skull Clock

One of our best selling ranges is the Cute Owl range, which as well as the kitchen items (mugs, salt and pepper shakers etc.) includes some lovely clocks, like the Dotty Owl wall clock and the Novelty Owl wall clock, priced at £7.99 and £13.99 respectively, with free delivery.

Last but certainly not least, there are our novelty clocks. Who doesn’t have room for a novelty clock or two in their home?

We have quite a collection of fun, weird and wonderful clocks on offer in this category. Worth a mention is the Electric Guitar wall clock, the Novelty Police Box wall clock and the Retro Robot clock, shaped just like the retro robot toys of old. Not forgetting the retro Penny Farthing wall clock, and the odd but cool Sandcastle beach-inspired novelty wall clock. Simply search for the clock you’d wish to find on the main site, or browse the Clocks category to see the lot.

So that’s our round-up of clocks. We hope you enjoy looking at all of our wonderful clocks. And to make it that little bit more tantalising, here’s a 10% off voucher code for you, exclusive to readers of our blog 🙂 Simply enter the code ‘clock10’ at checkout to get 10% off your order! Code expires June 28th, and there are no restrictions or limits! (NB: the code works for ALL items on the site, not just for clocks).

– SG

Celebrating Toys

We’re celebrating toys this week at Sweet Giftware. From novelty to super cool, educational to the downright disgusting (kids are strange, aren’t they?), we’ve got some great stuff in the store at the minute.

First of all, let’s talk cool. The title says it all; Finger Scooter. These funky little scooters come with 2 sets of wheels, and a handy little screwdriver to swap them as and when. The finger-operated scooters are great for pulling tricks with your hands. These are a big hit around the office, proving they’re not just for kids, but are on the verge of being executive toys, too (well, that’s what we keep telling ourselves when popping wheelies over notebooks and stationery :-). And for just £3.99 a piece with free delivery, you really can’t go wrong.


Next up is the prop flyer double pack. These retro planes hark back to our youth, when we’d excitedly rip open the pack, construct our little lightweight prop planes in a matter of seconds and be off flying them around the garden. Enjoy this little bit of nostalgia, or pass the feeling on to someone in the younger generation. Great for party bag fillers, a double pack can be delivered to your door for just £2.99.

Next onto the more educational toys. Any budding young archaeologist or fan of Tomb Raider will appreciate one of our ever-popular ‘Dig it Out’ kits. This one is the Ancient Roman Treasure pack. It includes everything you need to excavate your own treasure from the pack, and is available to order today for just £5.99, with free delivery.

For the younger children, we’ve recently reintroduced one of our best selling products ever, the vehicle play mat set. This cool play mat is 69 x 79 cm and has various roads and track laid out across it. The mat comes with a range of vehicles, and is obviously also perfect for your child’s existing car and truck collection. This is the perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays, as it provides simple fun, looks impressive when sprawled out in all its glory and is very good value. Delivered to your door for the special limited time price of just £9.99 (previously £12.99).

For some more simple, retro fun, how about these 2; the wind up chattering teeth and the pirate poppers. Every kid loves wind up chattering teeth that chatter and walk across the floor. And the pirate poppers are again one of our best selling items. Their simplicity is their beauty. Simply push them down and wait until they pop. You never quite know when it’s going to happen. Both priced at £3.99, and as with all other items on the site, UK delivery is FREE.

For anyone looking for something disgusting (and let’s face it, what six year old isn’t?), we have several gross toys on offer. Check out the gruesome glow in the dark maggots (£2.99), the sticky pet rat (£3.99) and the stick on eye balls (£2.99), to name but a few. All with free delivery.

So there you have it, our homage to all things play, all this week at Sweet Giftware. For starters, check out both the Educational and Activity Toys category and the Novelty Toys category, and you can’t go wrong.


Sweet Giftware Relaunch

Hi All,

Welcome to the relaunched Sweet Giftware! As anyone who has previously visited here will know, the site has been subject to a major overhaul. As much as we loved the old site, it had become dated and wasn’t really serving the company image and goals as well as it had when we first built it. We think you’ll agree the new site is much more sleek, modern and up to date than the previous iteration. We’ve also overhauled the back end systems, which means the site runs much more quickly and more smoothly than before.

But although our customer-facing image is very important, the end to end service we provide to customers is even more so. That’s why we’ve overhauled our entire operation, from how we update the stock, to how we process orders, to how we deal with enquiries and everything in between. So when we say we’ve relaunched Sweet Giftware, we’ve really relaunched Sweet Giftware.

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering a fantastic limited time deal of 10% off your first order! Just enter the code “launch10” on the Checkout page to benefit from this great deal*. Plus, the first 25 customer orders from publication of this blog post will receive a free gift bag, worth £1.99! If you’re eligible, we’ll email you with a list of bags to choose from.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also been working on finding new gift suppliers, which allows us to expand our range. The first few products have started to flow through our system, and we will be adding more over the coming weeks. So be sure keep an eye out for a huge boost to our range in the very near future. If you’d like to hear about our latest products before everyone else, you can sign up for our monthly email newsletter on the main site. You can also keep in touch with us via our Facebook page and you can interact with us on Twitter.

As some of you may be aware, we operate a number of mini sites, in support of our core product set. Our mini sites have also been treated to a fresh new look and background overhaul.

So, thanks again to all of our customers. Although it has now officially been launched, the new site is being treated as and ongoing, active development project as we’re implementing new ideas all the time. If you do have any feedback or ideas, please do drop us a line.


Sweet Giftware

* Code expires 19th May 2015

Table top games – in stock now

Check out some of our fantastic table top games, including classics like Chess and Ludo, or cool table top gift sets such as Foosball, Tennis, Mini Golf or Air Hockey:

Air Hockey Table Top Game | Sweet Giftware


There’s something for everyone here; 3-in-1 chess, checkers and tac tac toe, or cool gift sets like the above Air Hockey game. Search the site for ‘Game’ to see this great new range of gifts.


How to Give the Perfect Gift

As we’re well into September, now is the time to start thinking about the big C; Christmas. Some may say it’s too early, but not us! Being prepared and getting your gifts in now will reduce the hassle, stress and will save you money over the Christmas period. One of the most difficult things when choosing a gift is choosing what to buy.


It should be something meaningful that the recipient will enjoy, and will show some effort on your part. Here’s a great eBook with ideas and advice in helping you to choose the perfect gift:

How to give the perfect gift


And this doesn’t just apply to Christmas, it’s also perfect for birthdays, mother’s day etc. Be prepared!


Money Box Madness – This Week

We’re running a special all this week on money boxes.

Lovely ceramic types, novelty London souvenir, cool retro and classic money box types are all available to purchase now. Check out our cool piggy kisses ceramic money box:

As usual, all of our items come with free UK postage. Postage charges to other locations may vary. Check them out on the Home page, the Money Box category page or search for Money Box.


Candles galore at Sweet Giftware

This week, we’re having a special on candles and candle holders. We have an extensive range here at Sweet Giftware, ranging from simple glass votive holders, to scented pillar candles and candle tins, to beautifully crafted hanging glass & metal fretwork holders, and ceramic candle holder figurines.

For example, check out our beautifully detailed and dark Gothic Dark Angel Tealight Holder:

Dark Angel Tealight Holder

Check out the featured items on the Home page, or browse the candles & holders section to see our full range.